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Self Help - TED Talks

I was recently looking through some YouTube videos and came across TED talks.

TED talks have been around for decades, although i didn't know this fact.

TED Talks are short videos from people who wish to educate and helps others on, what appears to be, an endless number of topics.

TED talks can be found on YouTube or on their own website

Of course, i looked through some healthcare talks but there are many other topics including success, religion, happiness, love, relationships, business, money, exercise, guitars and interpersonal interactions/skills just to name a few.

I was quite intrigued.

The speakers usually make note of whether on not they a professional in their field.

I did not, and you will not likely, agree with everything someone says but i found them to be helpful, enlightening and entertaining.

If a speaker or topic did not hold my attention then i just stopped the video and moved on to another.

Very interesting.

I hope you enjoy them as much i do.

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